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Mass Effect 3's Operation Overwatch focuses on new DLC

You may need to invest a little time in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer in preparation for this weekend's special event, as you'll have to have one of the new classes on board.

In order to win a reward from Operation Overwatch, you'll just have to complete an extraction on any difficulty, but at least one member of your four-man squad must be one of the classes released in the free Earth DLC pack - which are unlocked randomly in higher-level equipment packs. Doing so will net all party members a Commendation pack.

As usual, there's an overall goal as well. If 800,000 individual players are extracted alive during the Operation - again, on any difficulty - everyone participating will score a Victory pack.

Because we dropped the ball with Operation Broadside, this week's even runs a little longer than usual - from 10:00AM PDT July 27 to 5:00AM PDT July 30.

You'll need to make sure you have the DLC installed and have online feedback enabled to be eligible for the rewards, and you may want to spend some time obtaining one of the new classes while you're at it.

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