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Mass Effect 3 goodies up for grabs in fan competitions

BioWare is hosting a couple of Mass Effect 3 competitions, with some sweet loot on the line.

The first competition is called N7 Nights, and is powered by a partnership with Raptr. Every day between March 12 and March 18, BioWare will draw ten winners per hour from among those playing Mass Effect 3 from 7:00PM PST until 11:00PM PST.

To be eligible, you need to be a member of Raptr, have the Raptr desktop application, and have registered your console or Origin account with the service.

The second competition, Best of the Citadel, requires some art and craft; you need to create a video and post it as a response to the competition trailer, which is embedded below.

The categories for entries are:

  • Best Shepard Moment, where you can highlight what makes your Commander Shepard unique.
  • Best Multiplayer Move, allowing you to show the efficiency of you and your squad in Mass Effect 3.
  • Best Omnikill, in which you’re tasked with showcasing your most spectacular kill.
  • Best Commentary, giving you a chance to give the world a play-by-play of the action in one of your multiplayer matches.
  • Best Cinematic Re-dub, where one or more cinematics from Mass Effect 3 are re-imagined, allowing you to provide your own take on the dialogue.

Prizes for both competitions include the following, with more to be confirmed.

  • Mass Effect T-Shirts
  • Mass Effect N7 Elite Armor Stripe Hoody
  • Mass Effect collectible Action Figures
  • Custom-skinned Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Consoles

See the BioWare blog for more details.

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