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Marvel Snap: Best Black Panther deck

With the Warriors of Wakanda season out and about, here's how to best use the featured cards.

Black Panther has just got his own season in Marvel Snap, which means loads of players will want to try making a new deck with the Warriors of Wakanda at the core of their strategy. With our best Marvel Snap Black Panther deck, you’ll be able to make the most out of your shiny new cards.

Below, we’ve got a full Black Panther Deck list, as well as a general strategy explanation. Also, we’ve got a section on what cards can really ruin a Black Panther deck, in case you want to gain some cheeky ranked points with a Black Panther counter deck.

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Marvel Snap Black Panther Deck Lists

Best Black Panther Deck

(This list assumes you are at least collection level 486, and therefore can unlock all the cards in Marvel Snap).

Card Name Card Cost
Uatu The Watcher 1
Bullseye 1
Okoye 2
Beast 2
Nakia 3
Brood 3
Ironheart 3
Shang Chi 4
Wong 4
White Tiger 5
Black Panther 5
Task Master 5

With this Black Panther Deck, you have two main goals. Buffing up Black Panther (and your deck in general) as much as possible, and enhancing powerful reveal abilities that are thread throughout this deck.

Early on, cards like Uatu and Bullseye are great turn one options that can grant you an immediate advantage. At turn 2, the deck really starts to turn on with Okoye and Beast snowballing deck wide buffs. Beast is the real key here. You can use him to return great early game options like Okoye, Bullseye and Nakia to your hand for another reveal.

When you start reaching turn 4, this is where you want to set up a powerful Black Panther / White Tiger drop. Ideally, you’ll have Wong in hand, which doubles reveals at his location. If Black Panther has been buffed up, you can throw him down as a massive monstrous card with loads of power. If you’ve got White Tiger, two seven power tigers will bolster the rest of your board. Ironheart is also tasty here too, as a board-wide buffer.

Finally, if you have Taskmaster, you can ctake your already pumped up Black Panther and copy their power to another location in game. It's a perfect combo that can end games straight up.

Black Panther beginners deck

If you’re just starting out in Marvel Snap, you’ll only have cards from pool 1. This limits what you’ve got on hand, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a powerful deck for your level.

Card Name Card Cost
Mantis 1
Uatu the Watcher 1
Yondu 1
Forge 2
Okoye 2
Nakia 3
Lizard 3
Hulk Buster 4
Enchantress 4
Namor 4
Black Panther 5
America Chavez 6

Early on in Marvel Snap, a Black Panther deck is all about using a core set of powerful cards that can benefit from Okoye, Nakia and Black Panther. While Black Panther himself is still a powerful five cost to throw down, you’ll actually see the majority of value in this deck come from Okoye and Nakia, who will improve your overall performance with individually powerful units.

Take Namor! This card is brilliant at lower ranks, thanks to his ability to dominate a zone all on his own. With Okoye and Nakia, you can turn a solo ten power unit into something greater. Or Lizard — a card with a similar effect on the board, forcing your opponent to fill up a certain space on the board to deal with him.

At the end of the game, you’ll get an America Chavez that has hopefully been beefed up by Okoye, which you can slap down wherever she is needed. It’s a damn good beginner deck, with a bunch of powerful cards that can perform in a variety of situations.

How to counter Black Panther decks

All Wakandan cards are reveal cards, which mean Cosmo is a great pick for shutting down anything they attempt to do. Nakia and Okoye may sneak by, but a well placed Cosmo can stop a Black Panther from dropping down and flipping an arena, and taking the game. It can also stop cards like Odin, Heimdal, and a whole host of endgame game-winners dead in their tracks.

Shang Chi is a brilliant pick in general, and is great at removing a pumped-up Black Panther from the board. As a rule of thumb, they’re one of the most versatile filler cards in the game, so it’s worth having one on hand anyway.

Finally, if you’re running into a lot of Black Panther decks, try slotting in Scorpion and Iceman into your deck. Not only are they cheap, but they can really impact the efficiency of your opponents’ turns, and counteract the buffs provided by Okoye and Nakia.

That wraps up our guide on the Best Black Panther Deck in Marvel Snap! For more Marvel Snap articles, we recommend reading our pieces on how to unlock new cards in Marvel Snap, as well as why Marvel Snap is the first mobile game I spent money on.

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