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Marvel Heroes patch restores retracted 1.11 patch content

Gazillion has issued a new version of Marvel Heroes 1.11 after the first version of the patch had to be rolled back this weekend.

The latest update brings the MMO back to version 1.11 and restores its content.

Full patch notes are available on the game's forums, but the main addition is the Human Torch as a playable character, and a new unlevelled zone, Midtown Patrol, which has players protecting civilians from waves of villains.

Gazillion has also added a new in-game currency, Eternity Splinters, which replaces hero token drops. It should allow players to unlock their preferred characters without having to spend real money, and you can stat-stack to up the drop rate.

Version 1.11 initially released on Friday but was pulled over the weekend when a significant proportion of users found themselves unable to connect.

Gazillion rolled the first release on version 1.11 via a new 5GB update, which was required even by those who hadn't yet installed the first patch, which caused some unhappiness amongst users. Happily, gazillion's estimate of at least a few days to get a new patch out seems to have been on the cautious side, as the new update turned up quite rapidly.

Thanks, That VideoGame Blog.

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