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Marvel Heroes 'is completely free, we'll prove it' - Brevik

Marvel Heroes was initially slated for a 2006 release, but it launch is finally looming on the horizon with the beta phase already accepting registrations. president of Gazillion David Brevik has stressed that he F2P market is confusing, but wants to assure everyone that his game is absolutely free.

In an interview with, Blizzard veteran Brevik stressed that while many MMOs advertise themselves as free-to-play, the 'free' segment either comes with eventual pay walls or microtransactions. Brevik suggested that this needs to change.

"Everybody is saying 'we're free to play' but they aren't," Brevik stated, "it's a small percentage of the game or something like that. From the consumer standpoint it's hard to understand what is free-to-play and what isn't, it feels like a buzz word at this point and it's hard to tell."

"We designed this game as completely free-to-play from the ground up. We wanted to make the highest quality free-to-play game that had ever been made. I think we're hitting that target."

"We're creating a triple-A quality game that has deep gameplay, graphics are state of the art because we're using Unreal Engine to render, and we aren't just a little bit free. We're completely free."

"Trying to message that to people has been a bit of a challenge simply because people don't really understand what free-to-play can mean with companies using it in very different ways."

"The only thing we can do is prove it, I can talk until the cows come home."

What is your view on Marvel Heroes and of course the issue of free-to-play titles that mask charges? Let us know below.

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