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Marvel Heroes £130 founder's package is an "upfront discount"

Marvel Heroes is available for pre-order at several tiers of financial committment, right up to a £130 pack which unlocks everything, forever - despite being free-to-play. Gazillion boss David Brevik says that's nothing compared to what he's spent on other games.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Brevik defended the price point by saying its comparable to a high-end collector's edition.

"You have to realise how much you're getting for that Ultimate Pack. That's one of the packages available. We have other packages available as well that have a different price point," he said.

"There have been other games that have done this. There are plenty of Collector's Edition-type things that are well over $100. This does happen. This is optional. You're getting over 20 heroes and all these costumes. It is an incredible amount of content you're getting for this."

This "upfront discount" on microtransaction items represents a saving of about £350, apparently. On top of that, it's barely scratching the surface of what committiment to other games might cost you.

"If you stop to think about it, many people have spent way more than that on World of Warcraft or League of Legends," Brevik argued.

"League of Legends is a prime example of something where I personally have spent over a thousand dollars on that game. I've spent more than that on World of Warcraft. It's an upfront discount. That's why it seems expensive, but in the long run you'll save quite a bit of money."

Marvel Heroes is expected in northern spring, with PC the lead platform and Mac support to follow.

Thanks, Massively.

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