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Mario Strikers: Battle League is a soccer battler coming to Switch in June

A new take on Super Mario Strikers.

Mario Strikers: Battle League was announced during this evening's Nintendo Direct.

In this 5v5 soccer-like sport, you can tackle, use items like bananas and shells as well as activate special shots.

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Up to eight players, four players on each team, can compete against each other on one Nintendo Switch system. In addition to individual matches, online play will let 20 players join up and compete to become the world’s top club.

The gear you use can also have special attributes such as increased Strength, and not only can you augment your stats, but your gear appearance as well. There is also an ability that allows you to charge a kick when am orb is collected on the field.

Mario Strikers: Battle League releases for Nintendo Switch on June 10. Pre-orders begin today in Nintendo eShop.

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