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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle co-op mode video walks you through character selection, weapon choice, tactics

Ubisoft has released a video providing more information on local co-op challenges in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

In the Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle video, creative director, Davide Soliani, and lead producer, Xavier Manzanares go over character abilities, weapons, and tactics players will use when the game releases later this month.

Co-op campaigns in the game are accessed through the Buddy Dome in the Peach Castle. This is where one of the several Rabbolatries created by the Rabbids is located.

Each co-op challenge has a different objective and three levels of difficulty which are based upon progression and character level. The challenge chosen by Soliani and Manzanares was an escort mission on the Rabbids Invasion map.

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In the video, the duo each pick two characters for their respective team for a co-op escort mission. One team is Luigi and Rabbid Mario while the other is Peach and Rabbid Luigi.

After selecting characters, players will then choose which weapons to carry. Some have AoE damage, so for escort missions, such weapons may not be suitable. Otherwise, Toad and Toadette in this instance, can be harmed by the attack.

Players can also take an overhead view of the map before the mission starts, so they can develop a strategy beforehand. From what we saw in the video, having a look beforehand sounds like the best plan ever.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was announced at E3 2017 after the game leaked a few weeks before the Ubisoft conference. The mash-up had many scratching theirs heads over the concept, bit once it was reveled in full, it made perfect sense.

Switch owners worldwide can pick it on August 29.

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