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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's launch trailer highlights how surprisingly great the game is

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is out now, and as this trailer reminds you, people love it.

Ubisoft's Mario/Rabbids spin-off XCOM-styled strategy game has just released to moderate critical acclaim, which is a sentence we couldn't have envisioned even a few months ago (the game's existence leaked just before E3). The launch trailer collects some of the choice quotes leveled against this unexpected delight.

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a turn-based strategy game where you guide a team of three - Mario and two companions, pulled from a collective of his pals and Rabbids that resemble them - through battles against other Rabbids. Mario and the Rabbids are armed with hand cannons, which is weird, but it totally works.

This trailer isn't as good as the live action one, maybe, but it's a good reminder that this game's greatness is kind of a miracle. The game, which is currently eating up a lot of my free time, initially left people skeptical. A lot of that cynicism melted away once the game was shown at E3, though, especially when creative director Davide Soliani cried tears of joy as Shigeru Miyamoto announced the game on stage.

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What a lovely moment that was - and how nice it is that the game turned out so well too.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is available exclusively on the Switch.

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