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Mario Golf: Super Rush back spin - How to do back spin, top spin, and super back spin

Mario Golf: Super Rush back spin and top spin are two slightly more advanced techniques that make a big difference on difficult courses. Knowing when and how to add back spin and top spin can be the key to a better scorecard, but they can be tricky to use. Our Mario Golf back spin guide explains each type of spin and when you should consider using them.

Mario Golf: Super Rush - how to do top spin

Adding topspin is simple: just double tap “A” when setting your shot power.

Mario Golf topspin adds an extra bit of forward spin to your ball. That means when it lands, it still rolls a bit further forward than it would normally do. Topspin is handy for getting some extra mileage, so to speak, out of your shot and getting just a bit closer to the green. It’s perfect for longer holes and areas where you don’t have to worry whether the ball will encounter a hazard.

Mario Golf: Super Rush back spin

Add backspin to your shot by pressing “B” when setting the stroke’s power.

Mario Golf backspin is the opposite of topspin. It applies backwards spin to the ball, slowing the shot and causing the ball to roll backwards a bit when it lands, depending on how level the ground is. Backspin is useful for trying to set up more accurate shots and when you think you might overshoot your target.

There’s a second type of backspin, though.

Mario Golf: Super Rush super back spin

Super back spin is, unsurprisingly, more powerful back spin. It does the same thing as regular back spin but guarantees the ball will roll backward once it lands. Mario Golf super back spin is ideal when the wind could blow your ball too far or if you think you’ll land at the edge of a hazard.

Double tap "B" when setting your shot's power to add super back spin.

Mario Golf back spin and the other spin types can go a long way toward getting lower scores and earning more character points. It might take some practice to get used to, but it certainly pays off in every mode.

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