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Madden's 20th anniversary won't be a "ordinary year", says Moore

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Peter Moore has promised that 2009, the 20th anniversary year for EA's $2 billion Madden franchise, won't be an "ordinary Madden year", and that the game we're going to get next year will be something special.

"Oh, you bet," he said, when asked if Madden 09 will be "above and beyond" the normal annual update. "On so many levels. I'm going to be out at Tiburon next week checking on the progress, and I look forward to doing that. As you can imagine, we have all sorts of plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this franchise, and we'll start giving you a taste of what we've got in the next few months as they firm up. But yeah, this won't be an ordinary Madden year, if such a thing exists."

His comments come after EA Sports today confirmed a lengthening of its deal with the NFL.

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