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Madden NFL 18 goes all cinematic with franchise's first story mode, Longshot

Madden NFL 18 embraces the trends that are making it difficult to distinguish between sports titles.

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Madden NFL 18 is a football game about football. In it, you play football. Football happens. It has all the latest football, which is why you have to buy a new one every year - for the newest football.

This scheme has worked remarkably well for over a decade so goodness knows why EA is tampering with it now, but there - Madden 18's new story mode looks pretty interesting. Following on from major sports titles like 2K's NBA 2K and EA Sports' own FIFA, Madden 18 has a proper story mode to trace your career from hopeful kickabout to NFL superstar. The story mode is called Longshot and is lovingly detailed in the trailer above.

EA Sports also spent a bit of EA's E3 2017 presentation getting hot and heavy about how good the football is in Madden 18 thanks to the wonders of the Frostbite engine, but they do that every year and even after all this time we are completely unable to hold any of the information in our brains long enough to report on it. Probably it will be prettier. That's generally a safe bet.

Madden 18 is due in August on PS4 and Xbox One.

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