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Spider-Man spin-off Madame Web's hero suit gets a first look via... a cranberry juice bottle

Does whatever a spider cran!

Madame Web, the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off, finally has a first look at the titular character's hero suit. Where? Oh, a cranberry juice bottle, of course.

Oh, Sony. You really are so desperate to make a Spider-Man cinematic universe, without any inclination as to how that could possibly work, particularly when said universe doesn't actually have a Spider-Man in it. Enter Madame Web, an upcoming Spider-Man film that once again does not feature the webslinger, instead focusing on the lesser known titular character, as well as a few other Spider-People. While we got to see most of the Spider-Crew's suits in the first (very bad looking) trailer, Madame Web's was nowhere to be seen.

Well, ahead of its release, the merchandise has started to ramp up for it, so surely there'd be some kind of leak showing off the suit via a toy? Or perhaps just a poster that was put up too early? Of course it couldn't be so mundane, no, it had to be on a bottle of Ocean Spray, the cranberry juice brand that you probably only drink when you get a UTI. The bottle just features a picture of Cassandra Webb, i.e. the civilian name of the comic book character, complete in her red suit and it looks… fine? Nothing overly wrong with it, but like that first trailer, nothing particularly right with it either.

In recent years, since Sony has that deal with Disney that means Spider-Man can appear in the MCU, there hasn't been any room for him to appear in any of the broader Sony-Spider-Verse movies. That leaves an awkward thing of Venom looking like Spider-Man, despite never bonding with Peter, and Morbius having an MCU villain turn up because… they needed a post-credits scene?

While I love Venom, warts and all, Morbius was a mess, so I don't expect Madame Web to be any different. Maybe the upcoming Kraven the Hunter film will be alright? No, you're right, it won't.

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