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Mad Catz PS3 accessories incompatible with PS4, no new products confirmed

Mad Catz has confirmed that it's PlayStation 3 peripherals won't work with PlayStation 4, but hasn't announced any new products in support of the new console.

Responding to a query from Joystiq, Mad Catz senior product manager Richard Neville confirmed that products like the PlayStation 3 Tournament Edition FightSticks aren't compatible with the PlayStation 4.

"Playstation 4 will require a whole new set of peripherals," he said.

It's bad news for fighter fans especially, as they often invest heavily in arcade-style peripherals which can last for years if cared for.

Unfortunately, we don't yet have confirmation that this "whole new set" is inbound; Neville could not comment on the possibility of PlayStation 4 support.

Mad Catz has already signed on to produce peripherals for the Xbox One.

Thanks, Shoryuken.

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