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Square Enix opens new studio in Japan, appoints Final Fantasy 15 director as studio head

Luminous Productions is the name of Square Enix's newly-established development studio.

Luminous Productions is headed up by Hajime Tabata, the famed director who most recently headed development of Final Fantasy 15. Tabata will also act as the studio's chief operating officer.

Luminous is based in Tokyo, Japan. Square Enix said in a press release that the team will be working on creating new AAA IPs for an international audience. The team is made up of much of the creative talent behind Final Fantasy 15.

Square Enix said that more will be revealed about this mysterious new project at a later date. The official website for Luminous Productions looks nice, but only has a few vague statements about the team's vision. That and plenty of job ads for a multitude of disciplines.

Sadly the job descriptions don't reveal much, though they do mention Square Enix's proprietary Luminous Engine several times, so it's possible this is what the game will be based on.

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