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LucasArts: Old Republic MMO could have multiple payment options


LucasArts president Darrell Rodriguez has told that subscriptions and microtransaction business models may be deployed when Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO launches.

No specific business model has been unveiled, but when speaking to the site at GamesCom, Rodriguez said that the company wants the business model to appeal to all regions.

"We talk about the business curves of subscriptions, interest and investment it takes to make these games, but at the end of the day it's about making a compelling offering for our consumers," he said. "We're considering it all, absolutely.

"You start looking at how different communities, territories such as Asia, actually play games, and we start to consider it all - especially if we want it to be a worldwide phenomenon."

Lightsaber: 10 Novian Rubies. Wookie pelt jacket: 8,000 Druggats. First-degree HK-50 assassin droid: 1500 Drallish crowns - it could be anything really.

More through the link.

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