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Lots of improvements are coming to GTA Online with next week's update

Creator updates, Career Progress tracking, balancing adjustments, and more.

Three mercenaries in GTA Online preparing for battle
Image credit: Rockstar Games

GTA Online is getting a rather large update next week o June 13 with the release of San Andreas Mercenaries.

The update will feature new missions, vehicles, events, and an more, with Rockstar promising to improve the online experience with a number of experiential updates and upgrades.

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To that end, the developer as provided more information on what to expect when GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries arrives on June 13.

Gameplay updates include a new Register as a Boss option in the Interaction Menu. This will make it quicker to start an Organization or Motorcycle Club.

A Buy All option when purchasing Body Armor at Ammu-Nation will be added, and rank requirements for Body Armor are being removed. Body Armor will be restocked after Quick Restarting a mission, matching the same Body Armor levels as when first entering the lobby. When equipping Body Armor via the Weapon Wheel, the type of armor used will be relative to how much damage the player has taken.

You will be able to track your criminal activities with Career Progress, which will display your progression as you rise through the criminal ranks and establish your empire.

A number of additions and updates are also being made to the Rockstar Creator.

You can look over the entire list of improvements over on Rockstar Newswire.

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