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Lord of the Rings Online to receive no new dungeons, server merges off the table

Lord of the Rings Online developer Turbine has confirmed that there are no plans to add any new dungeons to the MMO, and that server merges are being halted by technical hiccups.

It comes from Turbine community manager Rick Heaton, who recently discussed the game's future in a "Take the Hobbits to Isengard" event. Contains Moderate Peril recorded the finer details of the conversation, and noted that Heaton said, "There are absolutely no plans to merge any servers," and added that a “fairly significant technical issue” is preventing players from switching between Codemasters servers and those hosted by Turbine. It's unlikely to be fixed, either.

Heaton added that Turbine isn't looking at any new dungeons or raids, but that older zones could see an overhaul this year.

Does this reluctance suggest that Lord of the Rings Online is suffering a lack of players? When quizzed for player-counts Heaton added, "Unless we can say we have 10 million players and are bigger than World of Warcraft, what's the point?"

Ouch. What's your take on the game?

Via Massively & Polygon.

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