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LIVE from LucasArts' San Francisco press conference!

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DO NOT HIT F5. As in, don't refresh this page. We're about 5 mins away from starting and the blog will run on it's own. So for the sake of clarity, we repeat: DO NOT HIT F5. Thanks.

We're coming to you LIVE from San Francisco! LucasArts is hosting a huge press conference here today, scheduled to start at 2.00pm PST. That's 10.00pm BST or 11.00pm CET, if you're on the mainland.

As the conference starts the embargo will lift on a press release announcement and visual assets, so watch the front page for those.

We'll be bringing you all the news from the event itself as it happens. After the break.

  • Ok. LucasArts is giving us a tour of the studio at the moment so we're running about 15 mins late, so bear with us.

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