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LEGO City Undercover limited-edition software bundle announced

LEGO City Undercover will be available in a limited-edition software bundle, Nintendo has announced. It comes packed with the retail game and a LEGO minifigure of Chase McCain, the game's policeman.

McCain is trying to arrest Rex Fury and stop his crime wave, and in order to accomplish this, he must go undercover using various costumes which provide him with special abilities.

If McCain is dressed as a miner, he can use dynamite. Should he don the guise of a robber, he can pry open doors. Neat.

The Wii U GamePad will function as a Communicator to talk to others, and scan the surroundings for clues or criminals. It will also come in handy when using maps and plotting out a GPS route.

LEGO City Undercover launches March 28 in Europe March 28 and news on the prequel to the game, LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, is expected soon and slated for a 2013 release on 3DS.

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