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LEGO City Undercover: full completion may take 40-50 hours, says dev

LEGO City: Undercover developer Traveller's Tales Fusion reckons you're going to have to invest some 40-50 hours to 100% its Wii U platformer.

Speaking with Nintendo Life, TT Fusion discussed the scope of the game's world, and the amount of collectibles hidden within.

Responding to a question regarding future DLC, executive producer Loz Doyle said, "There are so many vehicles, characters and missions. There’s so much content in the game already – you’re talking 40-50 hours to get 100%, it’s difficult to imagine what we could put in. We wouldn’t rule it out, but it’d have to be the right thing to fit with the rest of the game.

"Initially in the San Francisco area at the start of the game you’re really focused on the story, but as you get more abilities you’ll see things that had locked icons before that you couldn’t use, and now you can. That’ll encourage you to explore and use those different game mechanics and abilities."

It sounds like previous LEGO games in that regard, but there's a reason TT's games linger in the charts for so long. We'll have more on LEGO City: Undercover as it happens.

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