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Crystal Dynamics wants you to answer a survey about the Legacy of Kain series

Sure sounds like a revival is on the table.

Legacy of Kain could see some kind of return, as a recent survey from Crystal Dynamics is asking fans about the series.

Earlier this year, Square Enix sold off a number of its IPs and a few of its studios to Embracer Group, which included the rights to Legacy of Kain, as well as Crystal Dynamics. Of course, that led some fans to hope that this could mean some kind of revival for the series, as what better time is there than now? Well, Kain fans might be in luck, as Crystal Dynamics has released a survey (which you can fill in here) asking some questions that certainly make it seem like it's interested in bringing the series back.

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The survey asks a variety of questions about the series, obviously, and if like me you haven't played the games but have heard of them, it does ask why you haven't. It also more vaguely asks you about vampire games as a whole, and what kind of features in vampire games you enjoy.

It also flat out asks you about potential remasters, reboots, and sequels, so at the very least someone at Crystal Dynamics knows there's the potential to bring Legacy of Kain back in some shape or fashion.

Also interesting to note is that one question does ask about whether you would want a hypothetical new title to be singleplayer or multiplayer. The most recent entry in the series, Nosgoth, was a free-to-play multiplayer spin-off title that launched in open beta 2015, but the servers were shut down the following year.

The original games were typically action-adventure platformers, a genre you don't see much these days outside of the world of indies, so if the Legacy of Kain series does return with a new entry, it might be a little different that fans remember it.

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