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Learn the story of the real-life figure Nioh's protagonist is based on with this video

If you're even remotely interested in Nioh, you'll no doubt already be aware that the game's main hero is based - at least partially, on a real-life historical figure.

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Watch out, there may be some spoilers about the general story of the game in the video, but not specific events.

Following the re-reveal of Nioh, many decried the game's use of a standard white guy westerner hero in an otherwise entirely Japanese setting. Some fans even even moaned about his apparent resemblance to The Witcher's hero Geralt.

However, it was later revealed that the protagonist is in fact based on a real-life, historical person. His name is William Adams, an English sailor who actually had a hand in shaping the future of the Japan in the late 1500s.

In the latest episode of the Lost in Translation show from YouTube channel Dark Pixel Gaming, host Landon Sperry explores the rich history behind the expedition that lead to Adams' arrival in Japan, his big role in excising the Spanish and Portuguese influence in region, and more.

The video also touches on Edward Kelley, one of the game's main villains. In Kelley's case, however, there's more fiction than fact about this in-game character. It's very fascinating stuff, and provides a compelling context for Nioh's story.

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