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Leaked World of Darkness footage comes out of Grand Masquerade convention


CCP's at The Grand Masquerade convention in New Orleans at the moment, and is talking about its new MMO World of Darkness, based on Vampire the Masquerade.

While not much has been revealed yet, an attendee saw fit to sneaky cam some footage from the event.

So far, CCP has only confirmed the project set in White Wolf's Vampire setting, and it's slated to roll out sometime in 2012 if all goes well.

It's to have "player politics and social interaction" as well.

Gosh, we remember Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Vampire: The Masquerade pen and paper get-togethers of old, and this makes our heart sing in a bittersweet way.

Anyway, enough nostalgia. Watch the video below, courtesy of RPS.

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