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Kung-Fu Superstar receives Oculus Rift support

Kung-Fu Superstar, the game being created by former Fable developer Kostas Zarifis, has become the second title in quick succession to announce Oculus Rift support.

Strike Suit Zero indicated it would be using the new tech earlier this week. Zarifis has now confirmed Kinesthetic Games are to also utilise OR's capabilities.

Zarifis wanted to clear up confusion surrounding the game. Speaking to Eurogamer, he indicated many users were struggling to understand exactly how the controls work.

"Reading the comments on the first article I believe a lot of the negativity was due to people thinking the game wouldn't work or would be motion control exclusive."

"These are exactly the concerns we are trying to address with the release of this video so I think if anything people will be happy to see our approach to these issues. We've actually replaced our pitch video with this video now because of how informative we think it is."

In order to combat this confusion, and in a bid to raise more towards the title's ambitious Kickstarter goal, Zarifis has released a video for your eyes:

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