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Kotick in running for Marketwatch CEO of the Year

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Acti-Blizz boss Bobby Kotick's been named a contender for the Marketwatch CEO of the Year.

The reasoning's obvious: he's targeted money in a spectacular way.

"Kotick has created a formidable challenger to industry leader Electronic Arts in total sales, and a business with better than twice the profitability of its main competitors," said Marketwatch.

"The one-two punch of Activision and Blizzard is expected to generate about $4.7 billion in revenue this year -- in excess of 60% above what Activision drew as a stand-alone company in its last fiscal year. So far, the results are encouraging: Revenue of $711 million in the second fiscal quarter ended Sept. 30 -- the first earnings report since the merger closed in July -- was more than double what Activision made in the year-ago quarter."

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