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Konami thanks Games Convention for all the fish, confirms for GamesCOM

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Konami's put out a press release - in German on WiiTower - confirming attendance at GameCOM in Cologne next year and thanking Games Convention for, you know, being good and stuff.

"Konami says 'Thanks, Leipzig' for the many great years and such a positive time," said Konami marketing boss Martin Schneider.

"We look back on a great development, which the industry has been allowed to experience in recent years. But with this balance we direct the view now also forward and say 'Hello GamesCOM 2009 in Köln'."

That quote's a mixture of Babelfish and our amazing German skills, so sorry about that, Martin.

Games Convention dates for next year have already been confirmed, but if Konami's move is indicative of the rest of the games industry - hint: it almost certainly is - there may not be much to look at in Leipzig Messe next August.

Shame. Damn shame.

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