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Kojima: Boktai dev team lacked "power and wisdom"

In a Nintendo Power interview, Hideo Kojima has said he regrets not being able to be more hands-on with the Boktai series.

"Boktai was ... an idea that I had been fond of for many years. Ideally, I should have handled the game design, script and direction myself," the designer said.

"However, at the time I also had my [Metal Gear Solid] project, so I had no choice but to leave Boktai in the hands of my team of younger developers. I took one step back and participated in the project as a producer."

After admitting the game sold well enough and praising the development team, Kojima said the series could have done better and blamed his own absence.

"I do believe that the team lacked the necessary power and wisdom to introduce an entirely new and innovative title and have it successively penetrate the market," he said.

"In retrospect, I do realize that it was a very challenging project to place in the other peoples' hands."

If more Boktai is forthcoming - yes, please! - Kojima hopes to have another chance to head it up.

"If there ever is an opportunity to take up this idea once again, I believe that I would have to personally take the reigns for the project," he said.

The Boktai games were released for Game Boy Advance, and famously included a solar sensor on the cartridge itself, which was used to fight vampires in-game.

Thanks, Go Nintendo.

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