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Knockout City update adds superpowers, but only for a limited time

EA's multiplayer brawler Knockout City has added superpowers, although only as a limited-time mode coming this week.

In a new update coming as part of Knockout City’s second season, EA is introducing superpowers to the online dodgeball brawler.

For a limited time in Season 2, players will be able join the 3v3 ‘Superpowers! Playlist‘ mode, in which they will receive a random superpower every time they respawn.

In a blog post announcing the mode, the developers at EA called the LTM “our most transformative game mode yet.”

"Grab a Boba Cola and leap with a single bound into a limited-time Superpowers! match — where you’ll find your skills have become exponentially more powerful!" says the blog.

"This event completely changes the entire brawling experience! Don’t just dodge into enemies — scoop them up with ease and lob them off the map with your Super Strength!"

You’ll have seven unique powers to master as you brawl your way through the city, and you'll be able to take place in special event contracts, too.

The event starts tomorrow, August 24, and runs through to until September 7. During the event, you will be able to access and unlock exclusive items (including limited-edition hero cosmetics) that will only be available whilst the mode is active.

Here's a quick rundown of all the powers that will be available to you:

  • Ballform Bounce – While in Ballform, bounce pads will ultimate throw you!
  • Charge-Up – Gain extra overcharge from catches and passes!
  • Tackle Strike – Tackle your opponents to deal damage!
  • Double Jump – Jump again in the air!
  • Healing Powers – Heal your hearts back over time!
  • Strength – Pick up opponents by tackling them!
  • X-Ray Vision – See and target players through walls!

This is the sort of content you can expect from EA in Knockout City in the coming weeks and months. Season 2 launched on July 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Origin, Steam, and the Epic Games Store plus PS5 and Xbox Series X/S through backwards compatibility.

The comes ahead of the launch of Season 3, which will kick off at some point in Fall 2021.

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