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Knack screens and art show local co-op character

New Knack assets emerged from the Tokyo Game Show over the weekend, showing off the Robo Knack character available to a second player in cough co-op play.

Local co-op in Knack is drop-in, drop-out and adds the second Knack character shown in the screens below; it's the silver one. If the primary Knack takes damage, the second can offer up its own relics. The co-op mode is included to help younger players through the game, apparently.

Knack is a PlayStation 4 launch title, so it's due in November. Creator and lead systems engineer Mark Cerny has said it harkens back to character action games like Crash Bandicoot, and is also designed to counter the core-heavy launch line up.

A new trailer was released at TGS 2013, too.

Thanks, Gematsu.

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