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King's Quest: A Knight to Remember is out, PS4 users report issues

The first episode of The Odd Gentlemen's reimagining of King's Quest is now available.

kings_quest_063015 (3)

Episode One: A Knight to Remember can be purchased as a digital download in North America for $9.99 on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It will be made available in Europe tomorrow on PlayStation systems.

Available in bundle form, The Complete Collection contains all five chapters as well as an exclusive bonus story epilogue for $39.99 on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Games Store and Steam.

Alternately, those who buy King's Quest: A Knight to Remember individually at launch can choose to purchase the King's Quest Season Pass, securing their access to the remaining four chapters of the game once available, but not the bonus epilogue, for $29.99.

The debut episode has been reviewed by game critics. A few links are posted below.

One thing of note: PlayStation 4 users are reporting issues with downloading the first episode. According to Sierra, it is "actively working with Sony to resolve the matter as quickly as possible."

According to the statement given to Shacknews, those who purchased the Complete Collection are the ones affected. Those who purchased the first chapter individually should be unaffected.

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