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Kingdom Hearts 3 will release this year, says Goofy voice actor

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a lot closer than we expected, apparently.


Although Kingdom hearts 3 has been mostly silent since its E3 2013 reveal, it seems like we could have it in our greedy paws by the end of the year.

The surprising news comes via Bill Farmer, the voice actor for Goofy, who told fans that his work for the RPG was completed some time ago, and although he can't speak for other voice actors, as far as he knows the game is coming out this year.

There is a little bit of confusion about the news, probably due to the horrid mess that is untangling Twitter conversation threads, because at one point it looks like Farmer agrees that the game he's talking about is actually Re:coded, a remake of a mobile game included in last year's Kingdom Hearts 2 HD Remix. But he later concurs to a correction, agreeing that he's sure the game he worked on is Kingdom Hearts 3.

The Kingdom Hearts fanbase is hugely sceptical of this news, because they've been burned before, but also because it's been so long since Kingdom Hearts 2 released that it seems impossible that the new game could be finished just two years after its formal announce.

But: we've known it was coming for a long time. Square Enix is moving forward with snappier development and PR cycles thanks to CEO Yosuke Matsuda's low tolerance for nonsense following the whole Final Fantasy Versus 13 debacle (y'all, Matsuda is kind of a dude). Director Tetsuya Nomura was hauled off Final Fantasy 15 and told to get on with it. Nomura is now working in a righteous passion of indignation, which could speed things up a bit.

So: it could happen. Kingdom Hearts 3 in 2015. Believe.

Th third entry in the series is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, having skipped the last generation - although there are two terrific re-release bundles for PlayStation 3.

Thanks, IGN.

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