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Kinect will sell 3 million units this Christmas, says Greenberg


Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has told Gama the company expects to sell 3 million units of Kinect this Christmas.

His comments come after MS held a Japanese Kinect-fest for its TGS keynote, including Suda 51's Codename D and Capcom's Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

"Our key indicators are feedback from retailers -- I think you'd be surprised at how sophisticated they are, and they really have the pulse of the market. They're looking at preorders, they're talking to customers," said Greenberg.

"Our estimates that we will sell in excess of 3 million units this holiday. The company is spending "hundreds of millions" of dollars in marketing, "exceeding in what we did when we launched the original Xbox 360."

Greenberg went on to celebrate the success of developers signing up to developer for the motion camera.

"It presents an opportunity for us to not only spark new levels of creativity for Japanese creators with things like Kinect but also give them a vehicle to tell these stories to gamers around the world."

Kinect launches on November 10 in the UK, with a November 20 release in Japan.

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