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Kinect the "the centerpiece of our strategy," says new Rare boss


New Rare boss Scott Henson has told Eurogamer that, while it won't be working on games for it exclusively, Kinect is the studio's "centerpiece" right now.

Henson, who was announced on Thursday night to become the new head of the UK based developer, said the tech is a "key part" of its future.

"We're just starting to scratch the surface with how you interact with your body, how you become a part of that experience and how you use your voice to control things," he said.

"Rare is going to continue to do what first-party does, which is innovate and push the boundaries of what that means. We've got lots and lots of years of innovation ahead of us."

He added: "Yes, absolutely, Kinect will be a key part of the studio's future. I'm not suggesting it's going to be exclusive, but it will be the centrepiece of our strategy for sure, because there is a lot of opportunity there. It's bold and bright."

He also hinted at the studio poking even more at its back catalog with Kinect support. Kinect Conker, anyone?

"You can look at what we're doing with Xbox Live Arcade and you can see how we've taken those classics and refreshed them and brought them to the service. We'll continue to look at those kinds of opportunities.

"Don't just think about packaged goods in terms of opportunities and Rare and how we bring those things to life."

There's more at the link above.

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