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Kinect & PlayStation Eye-compatible mocap software hits Steam

iPi Mocap Studio 2 has launched on Steam. It's a marker-less capture tool that allows users to record actions using a variety of devices. It can support up to two Kinect sensors or up to six PlayStation Eye cameras to capture full 3D movements.

Valve announced the tool's release on its blog today, along with a 25% launch discount.

There are three purchase tiers:

iPi Mocap Studio 2 Express - £146.25 (usually £195.00)
iPi Mocap Studio 2 Basic - £294.75 (usually £393.00)
iPi Mocap Studio 2 Standard - £591.75 (Usually £789.00)

Head over to the software's Steam page to see a trailer of the tool at work, and some of the end results.

What do you think? Could this really help indies break into using proper mocap techniques? Let us know below.

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