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You can now grab Killing Floor 2 through Steam Early Access

Killing Floor 2 is now available through Steam Early Access.

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Players who purchase Killing Floor 2 during Early Access for $29.99/₤19.99/€26.99 will given free content which carries over to the full release and even more content upon release.

The Early Access version of the game contains the following, per Tripwire:

  • Three non-linear levels – The dark streets of Burning Paris, the ice covered Outpost, and a re-imagined version of the original Biotics Lab
  • Four perks – Berserker, Support, Commando and Medic classes
  • 27 weapons – Ranging from shotguns to assault rifles to crazy makeshift hybrid weapons!
  • 11 deadly and terrifying Zeds – All determined to destroy you
  • Seven playable characters - Including fan favorites Mr. Foster and Constable Rob Briar as well as a new female character – Ana Larive
  • One new boss character – Enter Hans Volter and his arsenal of devastating weapons and attacks
  • Mod SDK supporting custom level creation

You can have a look at the PC specs through a previous post.

Killing Floor 2 is also slated for release on PlayStation 4 sometime this year.

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