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Killer Instinct's DLC character Mira debuts in her new trailer

Vampire Mira is thirsty. For blood.

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Mira is the newest member of the roster coming to Killer Instinct later this month as part of season 3.

The third season kicked off on March 29 on Xbox One and Windows 10, and there are a few different editions available.

Mira follows hot on the heels of Tusk, and is a new character. The vampire is Maya's long lost twin sister, and faces off against her at the end of the trailer.

Each month will see a new character introduced to the game, and according to original leak that included Mira, we can look forward to Gears of War's General Raam at some point too.

The Mira character DLC will drop this month, but an exact date has yet to be confirmed. Although there's only one week of April left, so we won't be waiting long.

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