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Arcade1Up is bringing out Killer Instinct, X-Men and Dragon's Lair machines

Company is also paying tribute to classic releases from Capcom, Bandai and Atari.

Cabinet maker Arcade1Up has revealed the latest retro games to receive their own machines.

The firm is making a Killer Instinct cabinet that includes both Rare's 1994 original game – obviously not the more modern 2013 version featured in the video above, get real – but also its sequel and the arcade version of Battletoads. Meanwhile, an X-Men cabinet comes with the 4 Player version of the 1992 arcade release, as well as Captain America and the Avengers, and The Avengers in Galactic Storm. This cabinet comes with WiFi, meaning that you can play with fellow retro gamers around the world.

That's on top of a Dragon's Lair cabinet, featuring both the series 1983 debut and its sequel, Time Warp, as well as sci-fi release Space Ace.

If that wasn't enough, Arcade1Up has also unveiled a new line of Legacy Edition cabinets. Each of these are themed around a specific games company and feature 12 of their releases. Right now, the firm has revealed three of these, paying tribute to Atari, Capcom and Bandai.

The Atari machine's design is Tempest-themed, while Capcom's has a Street Fighter 2 aesthetic. Finally, the Bandai hardware is bright yellow and features a Pac-Man-inspired design.

Finally, Arcade1Up has announced the Pong 4 Player Pub Table, which features retro games including - you guessed it – Pong, Quadra Pong, Pong Doubles and Pong Sports, as well as Tempest and Super Breakout.

This follows Arcade1Up announcing a Marvel Digital Pinball table and a Big Buck Hunter cabinet in June 2020.

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