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Kill Strain is a free-to-play top-down team shooter in development for PS4

A free-to-play team shooter titled Kill Strain is in development at Sony San Diego for PlayStation 4.

The top-down team-based multiplayer game will go into beta next year, and you can already toss your name into the hat here.

During Sony's PlayStation Experience presentation today, no footage was show, only the logo.

Other details on the game, including how it may or may not be monetized will be revealed at a later date.

All we know so far, is that players will be battling across a "frozen tundra where an experimental energy source" has been unearthed. An outbreak threatens to spread around the world and as a human mercenary you will need to contain this outbreak.

The Strain is apparently a "mutated abomination" and at some point your very own teammates may no longer be on your side.

It's out sometime next year.

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