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Ken Levine’s next project to be “very different”

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Bioshock was an unmitigated success, but Ken Levine isn’t one to rest on his laurels. In an interview with he snipped a tiny hole in the wraps on his next title.

"The goal for our next project is something very, very different, so it's a little scary - because we don't know what it is, exactly. We're getting a much clearer sense every single day in terms of what we're doing, deciding what's in and out of the game. But it's going to be aggressive," he said.

"I actually can't talk about it, without talking about the game itself," he added. "There are things related to story, gameplay and... I don't know how to describe it... people's relationship with the game over the long term. That's what we're thinking about, but it's about as clear as I can be."

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By Nathan Grayson

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