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Katamari creator, Journey producer team up for new project

Keita Takahashi and Robin Hunicke are working together again, reuniting one of the industry's most awesome bromances.

Takahashi is working with Funomena Games on a game about blocks coming to life, the developer announced at E3 indie conference Horizon today, as reported by Edge.

No further details regarding the project were given at the event, but a Q&A on Venus Patrol reveals the game is about a mayor and their deputies.

"While playing with his two-year-old son, Keita imagined what would happen if his son's toy blocks suddenly sprang to life and began to entertain them both," the developer said.

The indie has not decided on platforms yet, or a release window, but wanted to share the news early on because the team is quite excited.

Takahashi is best known as the original creator of Katamari Damacy, but later worked at Tiny Speck, the company behind much-mourned MMO Glitch. Hunicke is an industry veteran who was instrumental in bringing Takahashi to Tiny Speck, where she herself worked after leaving thatgamecompany. The two of them are pretty rad.

Hunicke co-founded Funomena with fellow thatgamecompany veteran Martin Middleton.

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