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Kaos admits Homefront crunch


Kaos general manager David Votypka has admitted to Develop that the developer has been knee-deep in crunch mode on Homefront, following accusations from a "source" inside the studio.

The site's source claimed that the developer has been working on daily ten-hour schedules for the past six months, that some people at the New York-based studio "would have to come in one weekend day as well," and that it's now on a "seven-day-a-week crunch".

Votypka was open about the news.

"If this seems unique or abhorrent, I would have to suggest that any assessment regarding a 10-hour work day would need to consider a much larger segment of the American workforce," said Votypka.

"Digital media companies, marketers, PR, even accountants in various industries throughout the nation, work 10 hour days regularly, 52 weeks per year."

He, however, denied that anyone was forced to come into the studio over the Christmas break to "crunch". He didn't state if anyone did come in during the break, though

"No staff was asked to work over Thanksgiving or Christmas, and they never would be. Three days off for Thanksgiving were given, and 3-4 days for Christmas," said Votypka.

He did confirm that all staff at Kaos had to be at the studio in the gap between Christsmas and New Year's.

"Generally THQ gives that time off, but it is discretionary based on project needs, and part of the team was needed to work several of those days."

Votypka made a rallying call to his staff at Kaos for those finishing up on Homefront.

"All of a team’s work over the lifetime of a project can either be validated, or invalidated, by the outcome of the final beta phase."

Homefront, based on a fictional conflict that sees North Korea invade America, releases in March for PS3, 360 and PC.

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