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Kane & Lynch 2: "Believable isn't always about texture resolution", says IO


IO Interactive's Karsten Lund has told D'toid that rough textures were e all part of the plan when making Kane & Lynch 2 a more gritty experience.

Mirroring the same conversation Lund had with VG247 back in January, the game's director said that while the new visuals compliment what the developers were aiming for, Lund is a bit worried that graphics obsessed gamers won't "get" what the team's trying to accomplish.

"The way we tell the story is from a POV perspective at all times, so you don't get to like cross reference how the bad guys are thinking, you're staying with those two guys the entire duration of the game," Lund explained. "So that kind of dictated the way we tell the story, because we need that feel of the documentary, of something that is made on the spot. Not really staged for an audience in that sense. So you can that is one way the style affected the story.

"It needs to feel like this is happening in real life. So location is a little bit off, and everything's a little big skewed compared to your basic dramatic.

"This doesn't come across as actually low-res when you play it, I think that it comes across as very modern. The way we actually show each other what happens in the world, whether we choose reality television or social stuff. We tried to polish all of the visuals like that. It's not like this game's not polished, we spent a lot of resources into creating this feel and look, but I think it makes. Sometimes it makes the Hollywood style if you know what i mean?

"In my view, I think it's a modern take on realism and looks. I also think it's proves the point that believable isn't always about texture resolution, actually it never is."

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days received a date for August 24 and 27 in the US and UK, respectively, this week.

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