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Just Add Water releasing four Oddworld titles this year

Just Add Water is releasing four Oddworld titles this year, according to a job listing its posted.

It also says that more projects will be coming "over the next few years."

The bulletin went up on the developer's website today.

It was previously thought that JAW was working on six Oddworld titles, so with four coming out this year, you could probably have expeced those future projects to be the last two Oddworld-related projects and whatever else is in the pipeline.

But Just Add Water boss Stewart Gilray has told VG247 that "there are no specific number of titles coming from Oddworld Inhabitants in the future."

It's known that the Yorkshire-based developer is releasing a PSN version of Stranger's Wrath at easter, with Oddworld Inhabitants boss Lorne Lanning confirming recently a HD remake of Abe's Oddysee is in development.

When the deal between OI and Just Add Water was announced last July, Gilray wouldn't go into specifics as to what to expect from the deal at the time.

"Oh goodness. That’s tricky, because anything we do do, if it happens to be on a console, will be HD," he told VG247 last July when asked if we could expect new stuff or HD reboots.

"Whether it’s new or old or whatever, I really can’t discuss."

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