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Stranger's Wrath the first of six Oddworld offerings from JAW


Stewart Gilray, managing director of Just Add Water, has said the HD version of Stranger's Wrath is just the first of six Oddworld offerings coming from the developer.

Speaking with Joystiq, Gilray told the site the firm's collaboration with Oddworld Inhabitants and series creator Lorne Lanning was very "symbiotic" and since he and members of the JAW team are big fans of the series, it cares "deeply about" the project.

"Well for one I'm a HUGE fan, and always have been, all the way back to 1997," said Gilray. "Other members of the team are also fans, and as a company we all care deeply about the project, and will only sign off on it ourselves, when we are happy with it in every aspect.

"As I've said in the past the relationship [with Oddworld Inhabitants] is very symbiotic, whilst we are doing the work on it, we like to involve them so they can see progress, they can suggest things, we can ask their thoughts/opinions on stuff, it's very much a co-production in some respects."

Oddworld Inhabitants will continue to retain all of its intellectual property while JAW takes care of publishing arrangements, and it may very well be co-published on PSN by Sony.

"Oddworld started on the PlayStation back in 1997, and this will be the first new title on that platform since Abe's Exoddus in 1998, so it's about time Oddworld had something new on PS," offered Gilray.

While Gilray wouldn't provide any hints regarding the other five Oddworld projects, he said the reason Stranger's Wrath's coming out of the gate first is due to it having "the biggest Metacritic score" (88) and "astounding technology" created by Oddworld Inhabitants.

JAW also plans on implementing a few changes to the game, instead of making it a full remake, but what these changes entail are being saved for a later date.

Still, it's nice to know a remastered version of a very awesome game like Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath will be hitting our PS3's sometime around Easter 2011.

We're counting the days, actually.

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