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Japanese 7-Eleven claims Kojima's teaser is a new Metal Gear


The teaser site over at Kojima Productions is scheduled to reveal what is in store for us later this evening, but that has not stopped a Japanese 7-Eleven e-Commerce database from claiming it's a Metal Gear game.

Its listing mentions upcoming issues of trade magazines offering coverage of the MGS games, specifically pointing out Famitsu PSP+PS3.

Other than implying that the game is Sony only, the listing also mentions that the magazines are slated to hit retail on May 30.

Over on the Kojima site, there's just over six hours left before another bit of tease is added, or we get a full reveal.

Maybe it will at least shed light on the "5" that pops up with the lightening. Or it could be an "S".

We don't know, really. But it's killing us.

Thanks, IGN.

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