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It's Nioh time again: come watch us apply lessons learned as we dive back into battle with the yokai

Nioh is tough, and it never stops demanding more of the player. Will we conquer?

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Nioh players have a lot of gameplay choices. Even before we get into gear and abilities, there's the whole stance thing - and perhaps even more fundamentally, the moment to moment decision to block or dodge incoming attacks.

If you come at Nioh from a Souls background you may favour dodging over rolling, but for all the similarities Nioh is not a Souls game, and there comes a point where the game just says "look, you have to learn to block, or you're going to be stuck here forever".

Of course, it isn't so kind as to say this explicitly; it just throws enemies you can't dodge at you and expects you to figure it out. In a recent Nioh stream, Shabana went through this learning process - and now she's ready to kick butt, or limb, or head, or whatever surface is presented to her - be it flesh or carapace or what.

Tune in above to see what challenges are in store in our continuing Nioh adventures. We don't know what's out there, but we do know we're going to beat it the heck up.

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