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It's a Double XP weekend for Crysis 2 on all platforms

Since it's a holiday in the US, and an impending Bank Holiday in the UK, Crytek is holding a Double XP weekend for Crysis 2 starting today and it ends on Monday 12.00am PST.

It's for all three platforms, and there's no restrictions on game modes or maps.

The guys at Crytek will be "monitoring the stats over the weekend," and will be offering prizes to the best XP earners on each platform.

"It doesn't matter how much XP you've got now, it's all about how much you can earn during the double-XP weekend," it says on the official site.

Those who gain the most XP can win one the following:

  • Crysis 2 Figurine
  • Crysis 2 Nanosuit T-Shirt
  • Crysis Legion Novel
  • Crysis Lanyard
  • Crysis DogTag
  • MyCrysis Sticker/Badges

Have fun with it.

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