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It Follows star says They Follow will be "darker and more" effed up, as if the first one wasn't horrible enough

"It's been a long time since I've been this excited to delve into something."

A still from It Follows showing a young man and woman looking at each other, the man holding up a photograph.
Image credit: David Robert Mitchell

It Follows star Maika Monroe has teased the upcoming sequel They Follow, saying it's "just bigger and darker and more f**ked up."

The original It Follows was now released over a decade ago, and it's pretty easy to call it a modern horror classic. It's timeless, purposely so, and everyone that has seen it hasn't been able to get that clam shell screen reader out of their heads since it was released. Surprisingly, though, director David Robert Mitchell announced last October that a sequel, titled They Follow, was in the works, with the star of the first film Maika Monroe set to return. It felt like an odd choice, especially after all this time, but also because the film ended so purposefully ambiguous. In a recent interview with Collider, Monroe spoke about the film, assuring everyone that it's happening for a good reason.

"But as you know with the first film, I'm not taking any credit in this, David is brilliant. I mean, he is brilliant," Monroe said. "The whole movie transformed at that point. It was changing the game in the genre, and he wouldn't ever make a sequel if he didn't think it was going to top it . He's very specific, turns down so many… He just knows what he wants to do and what he wants to make. I mean, at first I'm like, 'Oh, a sequel? Where are we going to go here?' And I read it, and it's just so f**king good. It's so good. I'm so excited. I think where you'll meet Jay at this point is maybe not what's expected, but it's so cool. It's just, of course, as everyone says for sequels, literally, though, is just bigger and darker and more fucked up . Reading it was the craziest thing ever."

Monroe wasn't able to share anything specific about the film, it is early days after all, but she did make it clear she's looking forward to it. "I am so excited for this role. It's been a long time since I've been this excited to delve into something. There's a lot there to play with, and I think it's going to be incredibly challenging, for sure, but so fulfilling . Working with David, I can't wait."

It'll likely be a while until They Follow actually releases, but Monroe hasn't left the world of horror behind her, as she's in the upcoming horror-thriller Longlegs alongside Nicolas Cage, due out July 12.

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