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Is Uncharted 4's first trailer a tribute to Crash Bandicoot?

Uncharted 4's first proper trailer bears some remarkable similarities to the opening moments of a much earlier Naughty Dog game.


Is Uncharted 4's first trailer a tribute to Crash Bandicoot?

Update: Oh well, would you look at that? There's a Crash Bandicoot easter egg in Uncharted 4 [SPOILERS INNIT].

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has more in common with Crash Bandicoot than you might think.

It's Naughty Dog's first game on a new console, yes - but if you compare Uncharted 4's E3 2014 trailer with the opening moments of the original Crash Bandicoot, as in the image above, you'll notice something kind of cool.

Coincidence? Homage? Secret confirmation that Sony has managed to win back the rights to Crash Bandicoot? Who knows - it's still pretty awesome.

The image comparison has been doing the rounds on Twitter and various forums for several months now, and I wasn't able to track down the original creator. (I saw it today on Jose Bentacourt's Twitter.)

You can compare the two videos for yourself below. The bit you want kicks off at 2:20 in the Crash Let's Play.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Uncharted 4 is expected on PS4 this year.

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